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Welcome to Smart Client WPF Community Site

This site is dedicated to the Smart Client Software Factory WPF Enabled mod.

This project is a modification of Microsoft Smart Client Software Factory to support building WPF based applications using Kent's WPF layer for CAB

About two weeks ago I’ve been requested by MCS Israel to adapt my Composite UI & SCSF mentoring & training to support the development of Composite UI applications based on WPF using Kents WPF layer.

SCSF provide lots of benefits to the Composite UI (CAB) developer and as such i've decided to modify the SCSF build-in recopies to support Kents layer and provide a rapid way of building Composite UI based on WPF applications.

The Software Factory pre requisites are the same as the original SCSF:
1. Microsoft Composite UI WPF Layer by Kent. - Note this is the WPF enabled CAB (You can download only the binaries from here)
2. Microsoft Enterprise Library 2.0
3. Microsoft Guidance Automation Extension
4. Microsoft Guidance Automation Toolkit - Needed only if you want to extend this factory.

I hope you will find this modification useful too.

If you are interested in CAB/SCSF/WPF mentoring/consulting you may contact me directly through my blog.

Ohad Israeli
Microsoft Security MVP

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